multimedia collaborations

weather meadows (2019)

An audio collaboration with the New York City-based drummer, pianist and composer Flin van Hemmen. My poem “Runner’s Rear” was set to music on Flin’s 2019 album, Casting Spells. Flin delves deep into the minute sonic details employing a wide variety of sound processors, effects, overlaid tracks, field recordings, etc. The overall effect is a blend of “live playing” and processing/post-production where the two aspects are completely integrated and inseparable.

Text: Miriam Atkin
Music: Flin van Hemmen

self possession (2016)

Documentation of a text-video-music performance collaboration with Kurt Ralske. The work was originally presented in 2013 and 2014 at Spectrum and Outpost Artists Alliance in New York City.

Text: Miriam Atkin
Video: Kurt Ralske
Sound: Todd Capp, Michael A. Holmes, Gao Jiafeng, Kurt Ralske

sESTINA (2015)

A  performance/video collaboration with artist Tatiana Istomina. The starting point for the work was a poem I wrote, loosely based on the sestina form.  An edited version of a performance of + conversation about that poem has become the sound track of the video, in which six clips recorded at Tatiana’s home and during her walks in New York City are rotated in a pattern prescribed by the sestina algorithm.

Text: Miriam Atkin
Video: Tatiana Istomina

HUmmingbird’s wings (2015)

An experimental short bridging the gap between live action and animation, documentary and poetry.

Animation: Dustin Grella
Text: Miriam Atkin
Narration: Thatcher Keats