Pinsapo Collective

Pinsapo is a web of tightly or loosely connected people living in the US and abroad who configure themselves in different ways at different times to make work together. Right now the web is stretched between the US, Turkey, Sweden, Andalusia and Palestine but new threads are being cast out all the time. We have an affinity for work in translation, work about translation and work in languages other than English, but this is by no means a criterion or a limit.

​Our basic commitment is to helping with the creation and publicization of homeless art works. Put in another way, we place ourselves as a collection of people interested in being readers, commentators, audience, participants or co-creators for works that need a home space and a supportive family beyond the more profitable, more structured and probably more efficient cultural institutions that are otherwise nominally available to artists in search of a public. We want to be as messy, contradictory and inconsistent as a city is, with changing configurations of people sprouting up in collaboration and then resting, where each new partnership will be idiosyncratically organized depending on what the participants are inclined to do.

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